Our luxury women's watches

Besides a clock, a watch is a real piece of jewelry - worn with pride. That is why you will find the most beautiful, most luxurious and refined ladies' watches from leading brands, such as Jacques du Manoir and Versace, in the Label Deluxe collection.

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You can find an extensive collection of ladies' watches online. Label Deluxe sells bestsellers at the lowest and nicest prices. You'll find watches from the brands Versus Versace and Olivia Burton.

We also have Swiss Made ladies watches from Versace and Jacques du Manoir in our collection. The women's watches Versace are very striking because of the finishes. From a striking watch band to the famous Medusa logo on the dial. The watches of Jacques du Manoir are more subtle and classic which makes it easier to wear for different occasions. 

Let's also have very nice unique timepieces from Just Cavalli. These watches are not only to read the time are true works of art on your wrist. The stretchable watch band has a look of a bracelet. The dials are finished with MOP (Mother of Pearl) or a green dial that is inlaid with zirconia stones. 

We completely forgot to mention that we also have Roberto Cavalli & Salvatore Ferragamo watches. These are really gems with a little something extra from a striking watch closure to a Swiss Made movement.

Are you looking for something special to give as a gift to a loved one or just a little something for yourself look around. If you have any questions call or email us and we will help you with all love to make the right choice.