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Size guide

To help you find your perfect watch we've created a watch size guide. Whether you are planning to buy a Jacques Du Manoir, Maserati or Versace watch, the case shape is (often) the same.

In general, watches below 38 MM are more geared towards women's wrists and above 38/40 MM for men. But, because everyone's wrist is different we are happy to help you find the perfect size for you!

Click the link below and follow the steps on the form!

26 MM: 

Size Guide 26 MM Watch

28 MM:

Size Guide 28 MM Watch

30 MM:

Size Guide 30 MM Watch

31 MM:

Size Guide 31 MM Watch

32 MM:

Size Guide 32 MM Watch

34 MM:

Size Guide 34 MM Watch

38 MM:

Size Guide 38 MM Watch

40 MM:

Size Guide 40MM Watch

42 MM:

Size Guide 42MM Watch

44 MM:

Size Guide 44MM Watch

45 MM:

Size Guide 45 MM Watch